Kambiz Maani

Professor Kambiz Maani is a scholar and author in Systems Thinking and Complexity.  His academic and consulting career spans 30 years in the USA, Australasia, and Asia, including visiting positions at MIT, London Business School, Cornell, Boston University, and Helsinki School of Economics (Aalto). His work focuses on managing complexity and multi-stakeholder collaboration and decision making.


Professor Maani was the Founding Chair in Systems Thinking and Practice at the University of Queensland and served as Head of Management Science Department, Business School Division, and EMBA Director at the University of Auckland. More recently he was Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at Massey Business School.


Dr Maani has advised and consulted extensively to numerous corporations and government departments worldwide and provides seminars and short courses internationally. His book “Systems thinking, Systems Dynamics – Managing Change and Complexity is used at universities, governments and organisations around the world. His latest book “Multi Stakeholder Decision Making for Complexity – Systems Approach & Cases” was released by World Scientific Press in January 2017.